Eric + Chelsea

Eric + Chelsea

Hello everyone! It took me a while to blog this session, but better late than never. Let me start off by saying that Chelsea and Eric are the sweetest couple and their connection made it so easy to work with them. They have an adorable dog as well, and it was really just a fun morning hanging out and photographing them while they were sipping mimosas, being silly and loving on each other.

I just want to take a minute to talk about my love for in-home sessions and how it has changed my perspective on so many levels. When I first started my journey as a photographer, all I wanted to do was to explore the great outdoors, and I never really gave much tought to exploring indoor photography. I am passionate about nature and gorgeous landscapes and I love adventurous couples that are down for a hike to get to beautiful locations.

The thing is, I live in the midwest, and I understand that for some people, Winter is just not the most pleasant season for outdoor photos. I am so thankful for clients that brave the cold for winter photos, and, I LOVE snowy sessions, but if you’re not a Winter person, thank the heavens for in-home sessions in the great, cozy indoors. I always have so much fun with it as it allows me to be playful with the different lighting scenarios, and to document my clients in their most laid-back, comfortable, raw and real state. No studio lights, backdrops, or props are better than the things that make our life the way it is. Without trying to make the scenario perfect but focusing one hundred percent on making the moment perfect. And for the moment to be perfect, it has to be real. I want my clients to look back at the images I created for them and say; “Oh my gosh, I remember what we were laughing about in that photo.”, or “I remember feeling your heart beat as I laid on your chest for that photo.” Or, “I remember we were drinking mimosas and dancing to our favorite song and that was so much fun!”

So, with that being said, as I continued to do in-home sessions, I was able to explore new perspectives and possibilities on how to look at each person’s unique lifestyle that I get the honor to take a little glimpse at. And I’m thankful for being able to incorporate personal scenarios, design, furniture, wall art, and objects in their homes that tell their story and show sweet bits and pieces of their life and who they are. And I love it that it makes those images so much more special to them, because it is personal, it is intimate, it is about them, and not about the perfect shot. That concept has allowed me to be so much more creative and intentional with what I shoot.

I can say that I am a sucker for in-home sessions, especially in the winter, but that does not mean my love for snowy and wintery has died down so whatever direction you want to go for, I am always down for adventures. I just really love having this refreshing and more intimate approach to my work and I am thankful for its contribution to adding different perspectives to my vision.

As I write this post, it is 27 degrees here in Chicago, and baby, it’s cold outside. If you’re in the midwest or some other place just as cold, hope you guys are staying warm and enjoying your weekend! And thank you for reading!




Cinthia & Phil Engaged in Chicago

Cinthia & Phil Engaged in Chicago

Hello, everyone! Can’t believe it is almost Thanksgiving, and Winter is creeping in!

It is crazy how the weather was so amazing just a few weeks ago, when I hung out with Cinthia and Phil for a super fun tour around one of Chicago’s most beautiful parks (in my opinion), and its surroundings.

Milton Lee Olive Park was the perfect setting to start off their urban style engagement session, with fantastic views of the city where they’ve met and got engaged. As the sun started setting, we headed towards Navy Pier to make a little magic out of all the pretty lights from the rides, and boats on the river. And the weather stayed warm even after the sun was gone. It was really a lot of fun to spend time with them and get to know a little more about their story together.

Cinthia and Phil met through common friends and their interest was instantly mutual. One week later they were having dinner at a romantic Italian restaurant for their very first date and from there things just started to fall into place for both of them. As they began to know each other, they’ve discovered that they share a love for traveling, hiking, watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (sorry, I cannot help writing it this way, like, EVERY TIME) and going for bike rides around town in the Summer.

From one unforgettable adventure to another, their hearts were lead to taking the next step. The proposal came in style as Phil got on one knee on New Years day, and proposed to a very surprised Cinthia, with the city skyline in the background. Talk about romance!

I can only imagine how much Chicago means to their love story and I am beyond excited to be able to tell a little bit of that story through these images.

I met Cinthia about 8 years ago, when we were both still single and trying to figure out our love lives. So many things have changed since then, we grew older, busier, and (who would have thought?) met the men of our lives. I absolutely loved to reconnect with her, and it is so awesome to see her in such a beautiful season of her life. Pop the bubbles for this beautiful couple!

Congratulations, Cinthia and Phil!


Documenting Stories

Documenting Stories

Hello babes! I am so glad you’re here and if you’re reading this, please know that I really really appreciate you!

This is a place that I want to dedicated exclusively to show the beauty of people’s stories. Beyond simply taking pictures of people, what I strive to accomplish as a photographer, is identifying REAL moments worthy of being documented. That’s the whole reason I started doing photography.

Life is not perfect, neither are we. But in our imperfection and in the chaos of life, we can find true beauty.

I want my clients to be able to see their beauty in ways they’ve never seen before. I want to offer them a glance at who they are when they are actually living life instead of striking poses, looking at the camera, standing up straight, sucking their bellies in and displaying perfectly aligned smiles and combed hair. (Of course, there is a time and moment for those but…) I want them to see the true essence, realness, and beauty of their souls.

I want to dig deep into who they really are individually, as a family, as a couple. And tell their stories in a way that when they look at it, they will recognize themselves and relive that feeling, moment, and season they were in. Filling their hearts with joy from past memories, and hope for future memories.

Afterall, from one imperfect moment to another, hearts are being binded through stories being written. And every story is beautiful!



Lara Pucci