Documenting Stories

Documenting Stories

Hello babes! I am so glad you’re here and if you’re reading this, please know that I really really appreciate you!

This is a place that I want to dedicated exclusively to show the beauty of people’s stories. Beyond simply taking pictures of people, what I strive to accomplish as a photographer, is identifying REAL moments worthy of being documented. That’s the whole reason I started doing photography.

Life is not perfect, neither are we. But in our imperfection and in the chaos of life, we can find true beauty.

I want my clients to be able to see their beauty in ways they’ve never seen before. I want to offer them a glance at who they are when they are actually living life instead of striking poses, looking at the camera, standing up straight, sucking their bellies in and displaying perfectly aligned smiles and combed hair. (Of course, there is a time and moment for those but…) I want them to see the true essence, realness, and beauty of their souls.

I want to dig deep into who they really are individually, as a family, as a couple. And tell their stories in a way that when they look at it, they will recognize themselves and relive that feeling, moment, and season they were in. Filling their hearts with joy from past memories, and hope for future memories.

Afterall, from one imperfect moment to another, hearts are being binded through stories being written. And every story is beautiful!



Lara Pucci