Hello! I am so excited that you’re here!

Welcome! Take a look around, and take it all in, no rush!

Choosing a photographer is all about connection and trust in that person’s eye and work. It’s believing in their vision, letting go, and just enjoying the experience. Your complete trust is my fuel to give all I’ve got in me to make you happy and create images that will speak to your heart.

We can be an amazing match, and make some incredible magic together! But in order for that to happen, you need to really feel it in your bones, and in your heart.

Does what you see here make you feel warm inside? Does it make you excited? Does it move you?

If the answer is “HECK YES!”, please, feel free to reach me out here so we can make something fantastic come to life! I can’t wait to meet you, get to know you better, and tell your story!

I am really glad and honored that you’ve stopped by and I would love to hear from you even if you just want to say hello!




GRANT + HANNAH-8442IMG_6544IMG_4492IMG_6621IMG_5035IMG_6025IMG_5536IMG_6827IMG_4916IMG_5197IMG_5482IMG_2150DV1A8600GRANT + HANNAH -8422IMG_8364IMG_5154IMG_5661GRANT + HANNAH-8845IMG_6749GRANT + HANNAH-8467IMG_5863IMG_5751MEG + JAKE-8823-2IMG_6792IMG_6773IMG_5871IMG_4555_E8A9197IMG_5656IMG_6317_E8A9303IMG_5647IMG_4965GRANT + HANNAH-8015IMG_4353_E8A0281IMG_6954MEG + JAKE-8681IMG_5446IMG_6332IMG_8222JAKE + MEG - 8754GRANT + HANNAH-7968GRANT + HANNAH-7982